Cherry Blossom in Japan

“Challenge yourself, grow, blossom, and become who you were meant to be.”

– Carolyn Aronson


Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

We travelled to Tokyo, Japan for a break for cherry blossom (Sakura) and hope to share with you the beauty of it.

We love the simplicity here. We chose to come to Tokyo because we would love to see the sakura trees together with city views.

It’s the first time for us to see Sakura, we are simply amazed by the blossoms around the whole city.

Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

There are couples and families everywhere. Some locals sit around the parks for a picnic while some travellers are busy enjoying the blossoms on various trees. What an interesting scene! We thought there would be mainly visitors but we noticed there are locals who would come here for a walk or a picnic with their bentos. Locals treasure the beauty as much as visitors.

Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

Sakura with Little Stories - the Moment by Amy

Isn’t it poetic to see couples and families rowing a boat for a relaxing day across the river with city views and cherry blossoms?

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Travel – Dream Airbnb house in Dallas

A dream house

What does your dream house look like?

For me, my dream house is…

The house is surrounded and guarded by tall trees. The sky is always shining with marshmallow clouds moving around. The house sits around a quiet zone of the city. People enjoy life as much as I do. Inside the house, my photography and paintings that I collected are all around the house.

This is my dream house in my mind, yet I live in the dream house, in my host Adrienne’s dream house while I photographed some lovely family sessions(more will be posted in Blog on Happy Tuesday) in Dallas.

​I had a little interview with Adrienne, and she shares her design inspirations for the house.

Were you in charge of designing the house? What comes through your mind when you were designing the house?A: Just the interior design. What is practical to my lifestyle, makes it homey and lets me highlight what I want to see when I first get up and right before I go to bed.

What is art to you and your life?
A: It’s an integrated part of my life. The way I look at things and appreciate creation, to the way I express and create in reflection of that around me. It’s a sacred, vulnerable, place for me to express what verbally falls short.

Are there artists that you admire? Welcome to name a few.
A: My heaven Father. My father and grandfather.Brandon Boyd (an American musician and visual artist).Eugene Peterson(an American-born author and poet). Any makers of products for a purpose. Many of my friends…

It’s so great to see some great paintings and photography works around your house! Are they your works or collections? What inspired you when you worked on the design of the house?
A: Thank you, Amy! A little of both. Many of the photographs and painting are my pieces and some are part of a greater collection/series while a few are works from friends or pieces that have just caught my attention by telling a particular story.

Was it your original plan to welcome guests or for self-use?
A: Both, a house is a home but it is not a warm home unless you welcome community into it, where you put your heart and cultivate it. Hospitality is important – both as part of my job and lifestyle. My life gets hectic and I enjoy the quiet peace it embraces me with while also being able to open doors to its comfort – to use the peace to develop relations through the intimacy of deeper conversation or meeting someone for the first time.

What is/are the driving force(s) for you to take part in being an Airbnb host?
A: I am an avid traveler myself and part of the joy in traveling is meeting people from around the world. Airbnb offers the opportunity for people to “live where they stay” and I feel it’s an honor to give people a home, to be their family, while they are here.

Love Photography, Love Travel!

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Travel – Talking to an Airbnb Superhost

I love photography and I love travelling!

Airbnb slowly becomes the major accommodation for me. And it’s surprising to receive an invitation from Airbnb to share our experiences on travel. I had some amazing time with some airbnb guests, hosts and organizers in a café in Los Angeles. There were people from Cyprus, Brisbane, San Francisco, people came to Los Angeles for different reasons, business travels, vacations…

I talked to asuperhostNataliafrom Cyprus. With her background of working with tourists, she talked about her amazing hosting experience and why airbnb helps with travel experience.

Travel like a local“I would take my guests to places around in Cyprus. I make new friends from places around the world.” Natalia told me excitedly about her hosting experience. As a traveller, I love the beauty of airbnb not only due to a space to live in, but also the travelling experience to go to places that’s not on a tourist guidebook.

Have a friendly connectionGoing to a completely new place, we travel as a complete stranger, except we have some old friends there. Having a host becomes the first friendly touch connected to a new place. It becomes a first impression to me!

Hosting each otherShe even had some “crazy” ideas of taking turn to host people from different countries in her hosting group! “When you come over to Cyprus, I would bring you around to the local place!” When she goes over to her friend’s place, she would be a guest in a new place instead!

Airbnb Open
Natalia came over to Los Angeles for the annual event from airbnb –Airbnb Openfrom 17th Nov to 19th Nov. See more aboutAirbnb Openfor the vision for the future of travel.

Love Photography, Love Travel!

I’m writing on an airbnb project, about a few selected airbnb stays with great experience and design. Stay tuned for Travel Friday issue!

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A baby is a gift to the family

A baby is a gift to the family.
It’s hard to tell the joys of a family, but it’s not difficult to show it when you see it.
Suzanne is my classmate from university and we hung out around campus a lot. It’s a precious opportunity to take photos for her again of her family in Boston after graduation!
It’s so touching to see how Coretta and Brian’s baby girl is such a big part of this family. It was even more delightful to see the whole family, including Suzanne and her parents, take care of this baby girl.
When we were small, our parents took care of us but we might not know and appreciate what they went through to raise us.
There is so much time and effort in raising a child and it helped me realize how thankful and blessed I am for my own upbringing.
I’m truly honoured to do this this family shoot for this lovely family in a garden at Harvard University, Boston.

Testimonial from Suzanne’s family for family session

Words from the family
“This was my second time working with Amy. The first time was for a graduation shoot. I really like her style a lot and was quick to jump at the chance to get a family shoot done with her.Amy is extremely professional. Before the photo shoot, she was very responsive and patient, even though I had lots of request and questions. On the day of, she scouted out the location before we arrived to ensure we maximized the limited time/ sunlight we had. During the shoot, despite fighting against the sunlight and time, we never felt rushed and she was very positive and smiling throughout. She was able to work well with the young and the old (which is very hard!) and bring out the best of both (which is even harder!). We got our final products very quickly and were extremely happy with the results. Thank you, Amy, for creating and capturing such great family moments and we can’t wait to work with you again!”
Happy Friday!
Enjoy the weekend with your loved family!See more of related postsGraduation series:Graduation Outdoor Graduation for French Society
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Hooray! It’s almost the end of Oct… beach time!

Hooray! It’s almost the end of October. Thanks god that we’ve gone through another month! Why not take a break?

We went to a wonderful beach in Los Angeles. The beach has a beautiful name, “Thousand Steps Beach”, which also infers an obvious meaning. Haha We need to take some steps to walk down to the beach!

Are you willing to do so if you need to walk thousand steps to see/ to photograph with a great beach?
Yes, I am!!
We figured out there were several hundreds of steps to go…
It’s much less than I imagined…
It’s always true if you want a great scene with less people,
Walk MORE 🙂

It’s a charming beach with lovely small houses building across the coastline. Only a few of people can be found here.
What can you do without the crowd? Take a DEEP breath to feel the air.

Look at the subtle colour change, from light blue, lemon yellow and peach orange. Who’s the one in your mind that you would like to enjoy the sunset with?


So I enjoyed it with my love and my great photography friend Mallory Dawn. Mallory is such a sweet girl! Can’t wait to see more of her photos!
Regarding venue of shooting, people always complain about going far. But the fact always proves, the further you go, the better pictures you get. If you want the best scene, be prepared to go far and further, away from the crowd.
It’s high time for you to set a location! It can be in hometown or somewhere else, which you’ve been dreaming of.
Enjoy the sunset with your special ones!

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