Hooray! It’s almost the end of Oct… beach time!

Hooray! It’s almost the end of October. Thanks god that we’ve gone through another month! Why not take a break?

We went to a wonderful beach in Los Angeles. The beach has a beautiful name, “Thousand Steps Beach”, which also infers an obvious meaning. Haha We need to take some steps to walk down to the beach!

Are you willing to do so if you need to walk thousand steps to see/ to photograph with a great beach?
Yes, I am!!
We figured out there were several hundreds of steps to go…
It’s much less than I imagined…
It’s always true if you want a great scene with less people,
Walk MORE 🙂

It’s a charming beach with lovely small houses building across the coastline. Only a few of people can be found here.
What can you do without the crowd? Take a DEEP breath to feel the air.

Look at the subtle colour change, from light blue, lemon yellow and peach orange. Who’s the one in your mind that you would like to enjoy the sunset with?


So I enjoyed it with my love and my great photography friend Mallory Dawn. Mallory is such a sweet girl! Can’t wait to see more of her photos!
Regarding venue of shooting, people always complain about going far. But the fact always proves, the further you go, the better pictures you get. If you want the best scene, be prepared to go far and further, away from the crowd.
It’s high time for you to set a location! It can be in hometown or somewhere else, which you’ve been dreaming of.
Enjoy the sunset with your special ones!

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Do you need to update your LinkedIn photo?

How many times do you experience having people wrongly predict who you are and talk in a different way?
It’s just countless.
Imagine one day when you can receive a picture that could tell them who you are without you speaking a word.
Isn’t it more time saving when you can spend less time explaining who you are, while they’re so obvious from the photo?
Here’s a simple exercise for you.What can you tell from this picture?

Welcome to use three adjectives to describe her that come up from your mind immediately.I did the test with some friends. They all tell similar descriptions.
Guess what position she’s in?
She’s a law firm strategist to help law firms retain and engage their associates. She is outgoing, talkative in a way to connect and gap between law firms and associates effectively! She is also determined to help the associates to fight for benefits that they should get for a high retention rate in the company.Now, welcome to think of three adjectives to describe you while matching with your job requirements.1.2.3.And you can look at your current LinkedIn photo now.Does the photo reflect the three adjectives you think of yourself?
If you’ve got all three, congratulations! People come to you mostly for who you are.
If only 1 or even none from the above, maybe your potential employers couldn’t get a grasp of you from the picture. Maybe it’s time for you to update the LinkedIn picture!
Although you may argue, that’s about first impression! Yes, it can be biased, but from your experience, you can tell.Finding a photographer who shares the same vision, by speaking about you, would be a great idea!
Hope it helps!
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Why say yes to a photographer?

We are so blissful to have phones coming handy. Meanwhile, we are getting obsessed to take photos by chance.
How many photos do you see over and over again from phone?
Check it out.I usually have tons of images in phone, (25960 photos currently haha) photos are like floating water in phone, they come and go. They are peacefully stored in computer afterwards. But counting the time to see all the photos again? Hmm…Probably less than two times.
I need a photographer! Do some quality photos for me please.

Photo Credit: Ashley Ludaescher Photography
I no longer want to waste time by randomness, I want to spend more quality time together. So, working with photographers that I love is always the best way for me. A professional photographer would take care of the rest for me.
When I truly love the photos, I looked at them a lot, probably several times a day. I treasure the photos as much as I treasure the relationship.
How can you select the right photographer for you then?
Of course there are lots of photographers around. But finding the right one is not like walking in blind, that by chance you find a terrible one by randomly searching online.
Finding the right photographer is just like finding your love.
Someone who is willing to understand you and able to project your story, and bring it to life.I always love to listen to people’s unique stories, to understand and include the essence in the story. Human relationship is such a beautiful thing and it shall be appreciated and beautifully recorded.
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When you travel, how do you get a picture of you with great scenic spots?

When you travel, how do you get a picture of you with great scenic spots? A second to brainstorm.
And these are my thoughts and ways to do!
1. Invite a stranger!
Is it good?
It’s all about luck.

If you are lucky enough, you can meet a photographer to take a picture for you.

If it’s just a normal person, the photo would very likely to become this…

Okay… we look good… but the background is not okay.

The background is okay, but we are not ready 😛
It’s usually not easy to hit the red point!
It can take half an hour to develop from randomness to a desirable one.
2. Do selfie!
A convenient way to get a picture is of course… selfie!
Haha I bet you do, and always do!
Yay! And share the photos to facebook! However, if I love the picture so much that I would like to put it to a slideshow for friends to see, or put it into an album, it’s very likely that a blurred image appeared on a big big screen.
This is what I have seen in wedding ceremonies. As a perfectionist, I just want to make sure every detail fit into the right place.
I feel sorry for them : (
So what’s my plan?
3. Hire a professional photographer to do it for you
Travel with a professional photographer! When I travel, I pay a little bit further on top of travel expense, to recruit a great photographer that I love to take pictures for me. And the photographer knows about me, knows my story and knows what I want. I love having photos being taken from time to time so that it shows the stages of development of love.

I invited a great photographer, Ashley Ludaescher, who shares a similar thought, is in favour of natural light style, letting the story unfold in a natural way. This is part of my journey when I was in Prague, in Europe. Travelling with a photographer can enjoy the city in another perspective too.

Photo Credit: Ashley Ludaescher Photography
It’s just good money to invest on, to look at the photos over and over again later.
How do you want your stories to be told? Go for strangers, selfie, or a photographer?
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