Behind a florist – Haru Haru Florist

We have a lovely afternoon chatting with Carrie from Haru Haru Floret at the floral studio with sunshine-filled in the outdoor terrace, to understand the reasons behind making heartfelt floral works.

A – Amy from Little Stories
C – Carrie from Haru Haru Floret

A: Why do you do floral works? Why are they special/ meaningful to you?

C: I hope to bring joyfulness to people from flowers. I believe each flower is unique with words that speak for itself. My role is a messager to deliver the words through the floral works to my clients, such as sending some love for baby shower, friend’s graduation, engagement, or wedding.

Carrie is preparing for bouquets for clients and we had an idea to show the lovely kid Valerie a surprise for her upcoming family photoshoot with Little Stories!

Look at how Valerie reacted upon receiving the floral works!

“I love seeing reactions from clients and that makes me feel I’ve done my part sending some happiness to people around.” Carrie recalled.

We thought of an idea to bring spring home through floral branding project with Haru Haru Floret, the name carries the meaning in Korean, to bring floral works into every day lives in Korean language.

We did the shoot welcoming spring in Hong Kong, on the pastel colour tones in pink, peach, yellow and white.

For a branding shoot of behind-the-artist series, we would love to bring the inspirations of Haru Haru Floret’s love towards florals from flower books, souvenirs sending from her friends around the world to the surroundings of inspirations she is drawn into. We look for capturing photos that speak about her brand, her identity, and her love towards flowers.

Branding shoot for Haru Haru Floret
Creative Direction & Styling: Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Photography: Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Floral Design: Haru Haru Floret

We do branding photoshoots for lifestyle brands. We take limited orders each other to personalize ideas and designs. Welcome to talk to us if you have something in the making or you would like to elevate your brand at We’d love to hear from you!

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Mother’s Day’s Gift Ideas -Family Staycation Photoshoot in HK

Enjoy the sunshine with the breeze, catching the balloon, let it fly to somewhere you belong.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are more conscious about the destruction we have made to the earth. It’s time to give something back to nature.

Therefore, we developed an eco-friendly photoshoot along with our favourite vendors with a conscious mind to the environment and the earth around us.

With floral designer @haruharufloret on eco-friendly fabrics to wrap around the florals instead of waste on papers

With kidswear @bebe_organic on organic materials from Europe to save the earth and protect the delicate skins of babies

Breathe in the fresh air, nature, the soil from the greeneries around you, and the earth. There is so much to thank for ❤

Welcome to contact us for Mother’s Day shoot x florals from @haruharufloret for outdoor or staycation shoot at (Thanks for overwhelming responses, limited spots left for the weekend! Confirmation by payment)

Possible add on:
– floral crown/ baby’s bouquet/ mama’s bouquet / balloon & green leaves

Creative Direction & Planning @littlestoriess
Floral Design @haruharufloret
Photography @littlestoriess
Wardrobe @bebe_organic
On kids @zarakids
Chocolatier @summerbirdorganic
With @lapinlamlam