A baby is a gift to the family

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A baby is a gift to the family.
It’s hard to tell the joys of a family, but it’s not difficult to show it when you see it.
Suzanne is my classmate from university and we hung out around campus a lot. It’s a precious opportunity to take photos for her again of her family in Boston after graduation!
It’s so touching to see how Coretta and Brian’s baby girl is such a big part of this family. It was even more delightful to see the whole family, including Suzanne and her parents, take care of this baby girl.
When we were small, our parents took care of us but we might not know and appreciate what they went through to raise us.
There is so much time and effort in raising a child and it helped me realize how thankful and blessed I am for my own upbringing.
I’m truly honoured to do this this family shoot for this lovely family in a garden at Harvard University, Boston.

Testimonial from Suzanne’s family for family session

Words from the family
“This was my second time working with Amy. The first time was for a graduation shoot. I really like her style a lot and was quick to jump at the chance to get a family shoot done with her.Amy is extremely professional. Before the photo shoot, she was very responsive and patient, even though I had lots of request and questions. On the day of, she scouted out the location before we arrived to ensure we maximized the limited time/ sunlight we had. During the shoot, despite fighting against the sunlight and time, we never felt rushed and she was very positive and smiling throughout. She was able to work well with the young and the old (which is very hard!) and bring out the best of both (which is even harder!). We got our final products very quickly and were extremely happy with the results. Thank you, Amy, for creating and capturing such great family moments and we can’t wait to work with you again!”
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