Behind a florist – Haru Haru Florist

We have a lovely afternoon chatting with Carrie from Haru Haru Floret at the floral studio with sunshine-filled in the outdoor terrace, to understand the reasons behind making heartfelt floral works.

A – Amy from Little Stories
C – Carrie from Haru Haru Floret

A: Why do you do floral works? Why are they special/ meaningful to you?

C: I hope to bring joyfulness to people from flowers. I believe each flower is unique with words that speak for itself. My role is a messager to deliver the words through the floral works to my clients, such as sending some love for baby shower, friend’s graduation, engagement, or wedding.

Carrie is preparing for bouquets for clients and we had an idea to show the lovely kid Valerie a surprise for her upcoming family photoshoot with Little Stories!

Look at how Valerie reacted upon receiving the floral works!

“I love seeing reactions from clients and that makes me feel I’ve done my part sending some happiness to people around.” Carrie recalled.

We thought of an idea to bring spring home through floral branding project with Haru Haru Floret, the name carries the meaning in Korean, to bring floral works into every day lives in Korean language.

We did the shoot welcoming spring in Hong Kong, on the pastel colour tones in pink, peach, yellow and white.

For a branding shoot of behind-the-artist series, we would love to bring the inspirations of Haru Haru Floret’s love towards florals from flower books, souvenirs sending from her friends around the world to the surroundings of inspirations she is drawn into. We look for capturing photos that speak about her brand, her identity, and her love towards flowers.

Branding shoot for Haru Haru Floret
Creative Direction & Styling: Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Photography: Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Floral Design: Haru Haru Floret

We do branding photoshoots for lifestyle brands. We take limited orders each other to personalize ideas and designs. Welcome to talk to us if you have something in the making or you would like to elevate your brand at We’d love to hear from you!

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Mother’s Day’s Gift Ideas -Family Staycation Photoshoot in HK

Enjoy the sunshine with the breeze, catching the balloon, let it fly to somewhere you belong.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are more conscious about the destruction we have made to the earth. It’s time to give something back to nature.

Therefore, we developed an eco-friendly photoshoot along with our favourite vendors with a conscious mind to the environment and the earth around us.

With floral designer @haruharufloret on eco-friendly fabrics to wrap around the florals instead of waste on papers

With kidswear @bebe_organic on organic materials from Europe to save the earth and protect the delicate skins of babies

Breathe in the fresh air, nature, the soil from the greeneries around you, and the earth. There is so much to thank for ❤

Welcome to contact us for Mother’s Day shoot x florals from @haruharufloret for outdoor or staycation shoot at (Thanks for overwhelming responses, limited spots left for the weekend! Confirmation by payment)

Possible add on:
– floral crown/ baby’s bouquet/ mama’s bouquet / balloon & green leaves

Creative Direction & Planning @littlestoriess
Floral Design @haruharufloret
Photography @littlestoriess
Wardrobe @bebe_organic
On kids @zarakids
Chocolatier @summerbirdorganic
With @lapinlamlam



Unconventional BFF Editorial Studio Photoshoot

It’s very thankful to have full trust from these three ladies, Andrea, Chinny and Margaret. Chinny and I are university friends and we both share our love on photography and film! How exciting when you find another friend exciting about these topics and share all day!

Why photograph with BFF

Andrea, Chinny and Margaret are high school friends and have known each other for a long time, we are preparing for this shoot as some of them getting married and would like to record this valuable moment in life! It’s lovely to look at them chatting and laughing all day! That’s what besties do!

Personalize the photoshoot –

Make it editorial-like and fun!

These are many photographers who would have the same template for all the clients, with the exact same backdrop, setup and dresses. However, we would like to personalize the theme and style to match the personalities of the subjects each time!

We develop our creative photoshoot ideas together. We came on to agree that we would like to try something fresh, not always on the fancy bridesmaid dresses, but something candid, snap, editorial and fun!

They are all not afraid to be different and unique for the photoshoot, which is our hope to let these ladies “to be themselves!”. “We’d love to try and don’t mind to be a bit crazy!”
“Got it! Time for some fun!”

Also some behind the scenes…

While they are changing the look, we start chatting about the great products from skincare to cosmetics… These are exactly what we do with besties, sharing our love up on the beat! So we improvise and go on to the makeup area to continue some lifestyle shoots!

common things between BFF

Can you see the texture from this black and white film? We pick film stock Ilford 3200 for larger grains to create this classic look!

1. Some warmth in the cold

Friends support each other even when it’s the coldest day of the year, coming out and listening to you!

2. Share our secrets!

Share our secrets and keep it. Shuuuh…

3. Go through the stages together!

We celebrate important or small stages in life. Here is a picture for a just married lady and a bride-to-be with the rings on!

We don’t need a lot of BFF, just a few. Who are you thinking of in mind at the moment?

Go and say thank you, ring a call, give a hug, share some love! xx

Photo & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Film Lab | Richard Photo Lab
Coat | Uniqlo
Venue | Lifestyle Studio, Hong Kong
With Andrea, Chinny & Margaret


St Margaret Church Wedding & Regal Hotel Hong Kong with Sheila & Charles

It’s my honour to cover this church wedding for my dear friend Sheila at this classical church St Margaret’s Church at Happy Valley, Hong Kong with her love Charles.

It’s exciting witnessing this sweet couple walking down the aisle, accompanied by her sister as the maid of honour and her dad to pass on the love to her fiancé.

With the background of Catholics from bride Sheila, we had this wedding ceremony under blessing of God along with the beautiful voices from the Choir, and prayers from the guests.

It is amazing to know the father has been witnessing the wedding of Sheila’s parents and bride Sheila and groom Charles this time!

Under the blessing from father to the ring, signifying the unity of the couple from the ceremony.
Cheers! They become husband and wife now!

Then we head off to the lunch wedding banquet at Regal Hotel, Causeway Way for the lovely ceremony, decoration done by Eucalyptus Hong Kong and the bride.

A lovely idea to write down some warm-hearted words and drop to the couple!
A little dance before the banquet begins!

So much fun and thanks for having us! We enjoy as much as you do! Enjoy the honeymoon in Tasmania ahead xx

Venue | St Margaret’s Church, Happy Valley
& Regal Hotel, Causeway Bay

Photo | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Video | Koma Tang
Floral | Elska Floral Studio
Makeup & Hair| Kira Kira Makeup
Gown | Classic Tina Bridal
Decor | Eucalyptus Hong Kong

Kind Words

‘I am glad that I found Amy to be my wedding photographer! She is so professional in capturing the unforgettable and touching moments in my wedding! My husband and I are captured so beautifully and naturally in her hands. Her photos are far beyond my expectations! Thank you Amy! You are really talented!’

Sheila & Charles

Amy Law - Little Stories - Oliver Fly Photography-2

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Scandinavian Christmas Winter Wonderland with Skye & Scott in Amsterdam

Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -3

This Christmas, we enjoy our time to celebrate Skye’s birthday (Skye is two now!) and Christmas in this houseboat in the west of Amsterdam.

Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -1

This house is filled with a modern and warm Scandinavian theme with festive spirit, with a Morocco carpet just in and sofa in Safari colour, Christmas tree from local store Karwei. Designed by mum Annelies Dorsman, she does not have a design background but an immerse interest in interior and styling. How amazing it is! She is super sweet and personable, and happy to share her styling and time with her kids Skye and Scott at her blog.

We have so much fun as we echo with the idea to let the kids play and be themselves, explore around the universe!

We had an interview with Annelies to share some design inspirations with us!

Design Inspirations

Q: What are the ideas when you work on the design of house? What inspirations do you draw from to make a collection?

A: Most of the inspiration I get from Instagram and Pinterest. But also I follow my own insights. When I have an idea, I know exactly what I want and go on a search the find the perfect colours and items with it. I don’t necessarily follow the trends.

Q: How often do you change the set up at home?

A: I think it’s never the same a whole year around. The last room I’ve changed is Scott’s Bedroom. And a half year before that Skye’s room. Also a few months ago we got a new couch and a few weeks ago a big, Moroccan carpet. Since these latest additions, it finally feels complete.

Tips in home styling…

Q: Do you have some tips for mums to decorate their house?

Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -5

A: Sure! Don’t let kids take over your house. Make a corner of a playground for them in such a way you can enjoy your home without all the toys. You’re not only a mom. You’re still you. You’re still a wife, a friend, a partner. You name it. Don’t forget that when decorating your living room.

And very important for me: make sure all the spaces in your house have the same vibes. Use the same colours /tints and materials in the rooms.

Celebrating Skye’s birthday!

For this winter wonderland photoshoot with everything in our dreamy pastel colour tones, baby Skye and Scott are blowing out candles together for Skye’s birthday! We have the dreamy set up and props from local design stores HEMA and card design from local studio Studio Maria-Loïs in front of the well-lit moon as the backdrop.

Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -25
Aww… See Skye is excited to have the candles light up!
Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -10
Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -9
Mama Annelies lighting up the candles!

Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photosh
Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -25
Trying very hard to blow out all the candles! 😀
Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -17

I love the idea that Annelies would change around the design organically from time to time.

Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -7

We are so much in love with the Scandinavian Christmas theme with a modern twist.

Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -20
Scandinavian Christmas Home Lifestyle Photoshoot with Skye & Scott -19

Hope you find the design inspirations useful. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Also, featured on Amsterdam blog, Christmas Winter Wonderland Birthday fotoshoot , welcome to check out!

Photography | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Design | Annelies Dorsman at Dirksdotter
On Scott:
Hoodle | Nununu
Pants | be kind
Blouse | HEMA
On Skye:
Dress | Neck & Neck
Christmas Tree | Karwei
Christmas Props | HEMA
Card Design | Studio Maria-Loïs

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