Italian Backyard Gathering with Ellie & Jon

A backyard wedding means a carefully decorated garden, a dining table displaying lovely objects, and flowers. It means friends and lovers comfortably gathering together for sweet memories. A good intimate backyard wedding could be better than a grand ceremony. 

It is true for Ellie and Jon, who have spent a delightful prewedding photoshoot session in the Italian-themed backyard of Silverdollar Studio specially made for the chic and stylish travel lover Ellie Furuya

Though COVID has prevented the couple from flying to Europe, the professional decoration set up team Fer a cheval Design has helped to create an Italian-flavored space for their special moment. 

Wooden furniture, delicate glass utensils, and European-styled candle holders generate an elegant mediterrean vibe.

Although the weather is cloudy, the smile of the bride illuminates the venue like a plume of Italian sunshine.

The exquisite jewels from Autumn Kimono – a modern, minimal jewelry brand by local designer Lia perfect the two all-white looks, adding to a sense of delicacy.

The accessories include the beautiful pieces designed by Lia and stylish jewels from Columbia selected by the shop owner.

Ellie’s effortless but elegant Lagom makeup and natural wavy hairstyle are done by the professional stylist Janice Chu and make up artists Euthy, who believes that cosmetic products should not be overused but applied wisely to brighten up our beauty.

Ellie’s two outfits are both elegant white long gowns available at Miss Bride Wedding Shop. One is a wedding gown featured with delicate 3D floral patterns and the other is a slip dress of graceful minimalist design from our beloved Korean designer Jenny Yoo. 

In addition to a lovely backyard, the Silverdollar studio also provides us with a modern-styled interior space. The soft lighting, delicate Italian decorations, and earthy furniture help us create a modern chic look for the couple.

From makeup, outfit, accessories, to venue and decoration set up, everything went perfect for an Italian-styled photoshoot. 

The flights to a specific country may be suspended, but our heart for love and romance would stay.

Gown | Miss Bride Wedding Shop.

Accessories | Autumn Kimono

With | Ellie Furuya

Photography | Little Stories – The Moment by Amy

Decoration | Fer a cheval Design

Makeup | Euthy Wong

Hair | Janice Chu

Studio | the Silverdollar studio

Text | Rachel


Bohemian & Chic Prewedding Photos in Studio with Iris & Dave

Isn’t it the luckiest thing that you fall in love with someone whom you always have fun with? That is true for Iris and Dave, the couple who always pursue the joy and passion of life. Little Stories is glad to cover the prewedding photoshoot session with Iris and Dave.

Iris is a nature lover who is keen on plants. If you scan her Instagram page, you will see a bunch of pictures filled with greeneries (We are fans of her and the plants as well!)! Therefore, we had the pictures taken surrounded by greenery outside for the shooting.

We laughed so hard seeing Dave mimicking Iris’s pose!

After understanding Iris’s love in nature, Little Stories and professional decoration set up team Fer a cheval design envisioned a refreshing Bohemian themed photoshoot. So Fer a cheval design filled the interior setting with Bohemian elements like plants, throws, macramé pillows for layering in the room featured with white and oat yellow, which creates a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

The glamorous gown that the bride dresses up in is a design by Netta BenShabu, a Israeli born Couture fashionista raised in the U.S. This delicate wedding dress is covered by intricate lace patterns. The design of the corset fits perfectly into the bride’s body curve, with the bottom dress adding to the lady’s elegance. Netta BenShabu is a couture fashion brand available at The Other Half Bridal, a Hong Kong wedding boutique offering modern and unconventional looks.

The bride’s makeup and hairstyle are designed by Jennifer Ho,  a professional makeup artist named “Best International wedding MUA”. Jennifer makes a natural western-styled makeup for Iris,  highlighting the bride’s healthy skin glows and coral cheek color.

When the couple take off the couture and change back to the modern outfit, they look like a chic couple spending their chill vacation. Iris and Dave believe that lovers should get along in a comfortable way. Their interactions are natural and delighted, imbuing the room with laughter.

Life could be wonderful if you have a soulmate that cares for you and understands your heart. It would be even better if you can enjoy life and share pleasure together.

Happiness is to be discovered in everyday life with your perfect match!

Gown | Netta Ben Shabu from The Other Half Bridal

With | Iris

Photography | Little Stories- The Moment by Amy

Makeup | Jennifer Ho

Decoration | Fer a cheval Design

Studio | Silver Dollar Studio

Text | Rachel


Love Blooming Like Sunflowers

Rachel and Alex are explorers and travel lovers like we do. With COVID, they adjusted their travel plans and explored the hidden gem around Hong Kong – to this Sunflower field of vibrance and hope.

Been together for ten years, Rachel and Alex have become a significant part of each other’s life. Even though they have been as familiar as family, the smiles that they show when looking at each other are just as bright and fresh as sunflowers.

Since they fell in love, the couple has shared a passion for traveling around the world. Together, they have been to places in Asia and Europe, including Greece, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

Although the pandemic has interrupted their original traveling plan, we visited this beautiful lavender field to make up for the European vibe.

Being surrounded by the violet blossoms with fresh air, the couple nestled close to each other as if they were appreciating the countryside landscape of Provence.

Though taken in Hong Kong, the photographs are overflowing with the vibrant colors and brightness of European natural landscapes. Seen from a distance, Alex’s white T-shirt and Rachel’s white dress are like lily petals weaving around the French-like flower field.

It is an amazing photo journey to transfer Rachel and Alex to the dreamy European land under the lens of Little Stories. The couple showed how love can bring us to the places that our hearts feel like even when the world is going through unexpected situations.

Photography & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy

Makeup and Hair Styling | Joman Wedding

Jewelry | Chellery Jewelry

Outfit | FRND #SINCEWen


Weekend recharge with Emi Wong in Phuket

Weekend recharge in Thailand

Hong Kong is quite hectic to live sometimes. We escaped to Thailand for our birthday! Emi Wong and I knew each other since university. We did from engagement style shoot in Hong Kong to her real engagement in Phuket! And surprisingly to know Emi and my birthdays are in January with one day gap. We gather in one of our favourite beaches in Karon Beach in Thailand for the engagement shoot with her cute fiancé Chad.

Last time, we did the engagement shoot in studio with Vera Wang‘s stunning gown in Hong Kong. This time, we did the shoot outdoor with the warm sunlight in Phuket under the UK’s designer dress from Zaeem Jamal from bridal shop Daughter of Eve Boutique in Phuket.

Stunning colours from film

On the Best Medium Format Film Camera | Contax 645
Using our favourite film stock | Fujifilm 400H
Film processed in the U.S. professional photo lab | Richard Photo Lab

Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -1
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -13
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -42
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -14

Why film?

Something new this time is we did the shoot on film! Emi has never tried in film and we explored something new each time. They have some questions in mind while I was loading my film:

Emi: Why do you use film?
Amy: The colour is different! When you look at the skin tone, it’s more accurate.

Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -26

Emi: What’re the differences between digital and film?
Amy: First, light tolerance. For the sunny condition especially in the afternoon in Thailand, it would be way too sunny and the details from the digital data would be lost. But film has the tolerance to be able to keep the details when film can absorb more light to the film for further processing in the film lab.

Second, the texture. From digital, the photos would be more flat while for film, the photos would be able to include a rich range of textures and dimension, especially because I use the medium format film camera, in which the film sensor is a lot larger than the full frame camera.

Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -10

Third, the colour. Skin tone is what we care the most as portrait photographers. We would like to make sure that the photos can reflect and keep the true colours. Plus the colour tones that oringate from film stocks, that couldn’t be manipulated easily.

Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -9

What do you get after using film? Where do you send to afterwards?
Amy: I would then send my film rolls to film labs in the U.S..

Why don’t you do it in Hong Kong?
Amy: It’s not as good as those in U.S.! Hong Kong has amateur photo labs while U.S. has professional graded photo labs which they do at least 100 rolls a day yet they can still keep the consistency in colours.
Chad: Wao! That’s expensive!

Amy: Yea… But the colour is significantly better. I do have clients who could see the differences, they do value the quality from film and happy to wait a bit longer for the stunning results!

Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -8

Is there no more digitals in after using film?
Amy: There are two steps in film in the digital world nowadays. First, get the film rolls developed in the dark room. Second, scan the negatives to professional film scanners to turn films into digitals (jpg). So you can get films and digitals out from the files!

Photography & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Gown | Zaeem Jamal, UK
Bridal Shop | Daughter of Eve Boutique, Phuket
Hotel | Avista Grande Phuket Karon – MGallery by Sofitel
Film | Fujifilm Global
Film Lab | Richard Photo Lab
With lifestyle & fitness blogger Emi Wong

Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -39
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -47
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -31
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -50
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -45
Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -34

Schedule for a call if you are interested in a photoshoot together, we can see how we can work it out.

Amy Law - Little Stories - Oliver Fly Photography-2

Photograph a Journey of Love
Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
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Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -27

Round the world travel with little stories 2020

Travelling is being part of our lives. It helps me think, condense my thoughts, connect to people, friends. Do you share the view?

We’ve booked some flights for the travelling journey. Existing clients and subscribers can receive a special price for our shoot tour. May we warmly welcome you, friends, couples and families to join us for a relaxing and fun shoot.

Recharge January

Take a little break before the new year starts.

Enjoy scenic Cherry Blossom in Japan

Japan (25 Mar to 7 April)
Osaka (FULL)
Kyoto (2 left)
Nara (2 left)
Tokyo (1 left)

Okinawa (1 left)

Enjoy unique Cherry Blossom in the U.S.

Easter time! What a great time from Spring to sneak out from home! We’re going to enjoy Cherry Blossom in the United States.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Photoshoot in Philadelphia on film

United States (April to May)
Washington DC
Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco

family session in San Francisco

Relaxing May & June in Europe

engagement and wedding photoshoot in Paris on film

Glance over the magnificent buildings in Europe, enjoy a day with us by cycling around the town in Copenhagen, staring over the peaceful ocean in Nice.

Europe (May to Jun 2020)





family home session in Amsterdam

Enjoy the Ocean

Enjoy the ocean view in September, or a sky full of hot balloon in Turkey!

Croatia (Sep 2020)

Turkey (Sep 2020)

Hokkaido (early Oct 2020)

Is your ideal destination on the plan above? Welcome to jot us a note to tell where you want to go next, we may meet you there.

Amy Law - Little Stories - Oliver Fly Photography-2

Photograph a Journey of Love

Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
ig @littlestoriess


Emi & Chad - Phuket Engagement - Film - Little Stories -1