Friendship Is Like Summer Breeze: Sisterhood Photo Shoot with Tiffany & Janet

Friendship Is Like Summer Breeze: Sisterhood Photo Shoot with Tiffany & Janet

Summer is a time for sea view, coconuts, pretty outfits, and spending good time with friends. As summer comes, it’s always a good choice to have photographs of besties dressed up in pastel-colored items having fun together.


The Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park is a perfect spot for experiencing natural beauty in Hong Kong City. The palm trees, teal green bushes and shimmering sea view match perfectly with the summer outfits of Tiffany and Janet. The park is also a significant place for Tiffany as her dad was involved in the establishment of the architecture. This is a place where good old memories and the pleasant presence converge. 


Later, the girls went to the Locofama Cafe in Sheung Wan. In this cafe with tropical zeal, Tiffany and Janet enjoyed their beverage and had a chat at leisure. The wood sign boards, hanging fairy lamps, and coconuts all add to the relaxing summer vibe.

The photographs of Tiffany and Janet are marked by the ladies’ delighted smiles and the subdued color palette of milky white, apple green, and grayish light blue. These images build the archive of delightful memories. At the same time, the colors and shades bring coolness to us in Hong Kong’s humid summer days.



Photo & Art Direction | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy

Venue |  Locofama cafe at Sheung Wan, Sun Yat Sen Park

Makeup & Hairstyling | Ivy Lo Makeup 

With Tiffany & Janet

Text | Rachel



Witness Precious Friendship: Surprising Photoshoot Arranged By BFF

To celebrate their friend Veron’s birthday, Joyce and April prepared a special gift for their besties. Rather than choosing typical birthday presents, the two girls arranged a unique, surprising BFF photoshoot experience. 

It was a sweet coincidence that Veron also selected Little Stories for her own wedding photoshoot. Having been together since high school, the friends really know about each other’s styles and aesthetics. They spent a pleasant day together, with the camera recording the sweet moments.


They went out for a relaxing walk in the afternoon, enjoying the sunlight, greenness, and fresh air. They also brought their planners, in which they have taken down thoughts about the common goals for the future. It was a time for expressing love, sharing inspirations, and giving each other support.


After spending quality time outdoors, the girls changed into delicate white dresses to match with the warm oat wallpaper and shimmering decoration of the hotel room in the K11 Artus, a perfect spot for urban hideaways with the ultimate sea view.  


They enjoyed wine, sunset, and the spectacular nocturne of Victoria Harbor. Looking at the birthday cards and letters from high school, the girls recalled the warm memories.

Treasuring the time that they have spent and expecting the coming days together is the authentic meaning of BFF. 

Photo & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy

Venue | Sai Kung and K11 Artus 

With Veron, Joyce and April

Text | Rachel


Unconventional BFF Editorial Studio Photoshoot

It’s very thankful to have full trust from these three ladies, Andrea, Chinny and Margaret. Chinny and I are university friends and we both share our love on photography and film! How exciting when you find another friend exciting about these topics and share all day!

Why photograph with BFF

Andrea, Chinny and Margaret are high school friends and have known each other for a long time, we are preparing for this shoot as some of them getting married and would like to record this valuable moment in life! It’s lovely to look at them chatting and laughing all day! That’s what besties do!

Personalize the photoshoot –

Make it editorial-like and fun!

These are many photographers who would have the same template for all the clients, with the exact same backdrop, setup and dresses. However, we would like to personalize the theme and style to match the personalities of the subjects each time!

We develop our creative photoshoot ideas together. We came on to agree that we would like to try something fresh, not always on the fancy bridesmaid dresses, but something candid, snap, editorial and fun!

They are all not afraid to be different and unique for the photoshoot, which is our hope to let these ladies “to be themselves!”. “We’d love to try and don’t mind to be a bit crazy!”
“Got it! Time for some fun!”

Also some behind the scenes…

While they are changing the look, we start chatting about the great products from skincare to cosmetics… These are exactly what we do with besties, sharing our love up on the beat! So we improvise and go on to the makeup area to continue some lifestyle shoots!

common things between BFF

Can you see the texture from this black and white film? We pick film stock Ilford 3200 for larger grains to create this classic look!

1. Some warmth in the cold

Friends support each other even when it’s the coldest day of the year, coming out and listening to you!

2. Share our secrets!

Share our secrets and keep it. Shuuuh…

3. Go through the stages together!

We celebrate important or small stages in life. Here is a picture for a just married lady and a bride-to-be with the rings on!

We don’t need a lot of BFF, just a few. Who are you thinking of in mind at the moment?

Go and say thank you, ring a call, give a hug, share some love! xx

Photo & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Film Lab | Richard Photo Lab
Coat | Uniqlo
Venue | Lifestyle Studio, Hong Kong
With Andrea, Chinny & Margaret