Enjoying the day with Benson and Kelly


Holding her closeHe leading the way
Out at the park
Enjoying the day
It’s a joy to do a shooting for my lovely friend Benson and Kelly. It’s a miracle to see them getting together gradually from close friends to couples when we had our university alumni meetings.

Kelly is sweet and always by the side of Benson. Benson is active and both of them are chatty! We have been working hard for some alumni activities to unite people – United 14. Connecting people doesn’t just go by the alumni gatherings, but also through photo shootings.

I love taking photographs as a way to connect people hand in hand. (My heart is melting!) It’s high time for me to create images that speak their love story and belong solely to them, for days and months to come.
Do you have someone in mind that you would like photos with, to be counted on in the days or months to go? Go take pictures and make it a great one!
Styling: LawAmy
Photography: Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Dress: Dress Up Runway
Shirt: Zara
Pants: Club Monaco