Italian Backyard Gathering with Ellie & Jon

A backyard wedding means a carefully decorated garden, a dining table displaying lovely objects, and flowers. It means friends and lovers comfortably gathering together for sweet memories. A good intimate backyard wedding could be better than a grand ceremony. 

It is true for Ellie and Jon, who have spent a delightful prewedding photoshoot session in the Italian-themed backyard of Silverdollar Studio specially made for the chic and stylish travel lover Ellie Furuya

Though COVID has prevented the couple from flying to Europe, the professional decoration set up team Fer a cheval Design has helped to create an Italian-flavored space for their special moment. 

Wooden furniture, delicate glass utensils, and European-styled candle holders generate an elegant mediterrean vibe.

Although the weather is cloudy, the smile of the bride illuminates the venue like a plume of Italian sunshine.

The exquisite jewels from Autumn Kimono – a modern, minimal jewelry brand by local designer Lia perfect the two all-white looks, adding to a sense of delicacy.

The accessories include the beautiful pieces designed by Lia and stylish jewels from Columbia selected by the shop owner.

Ellie’s effortless but elegant Lagom makeup and natural wavy hairstyle are done by the professional stylist Janice Chu and make up artists Euthy, who believes that cosmetic products should not be overused but applied wisely to brighten up our beauty.

Ellie’s two outfits are both elegant white long gowns available at Miss Bride Wedding Shop. One is a wedding gown featured with delicate 3D floral patterns and the other is a slip dress of graceful minimalist design from our beloved Korean designer Jenny Yoo. 

In addition to a lovely backyard, the Silverdollar studio also provides us with a modern-styled interior space. The soft lighting, delicate Italian decorations, and earthy furniture help us create a modern chic look for the couple.

From makeup, outfit, accessories, to venue and decoration set up, everything went perfect for an Italian-styled photoshoot. 

The flights to a specific country may be suspended, but our heart for love and romance would stay.

Gown | Miss Bride Wedding Shop.

Accessories | Autumn Kimono

With | Ellie Furuya

Photography | Little Stories – The Moment by Amy

Decoration | Fer a cheval Design

Makeup | Euthy Wong

Hair | Janice Chu

Studio | the Silverdollar studio

Text | Rachel


Bohemian & Chic Prewedding Photos in Studio with Iris & Dave

Isn’t it the luckiest thing that you fall in love with someone whom you always have fun with? That is true for Iris and Dave, the couple who always pursue the joy and passion of life. Little Stories is glad to cover the prewedding photoshoot session with Iris and Dave.

Iris is a nature lover who is keen on plants. If you scan her Instagram page, you will see a bunch of pictures filled with greeneries (We are fans of her and the plants as well!)! Therefore, we had the pictures taken surrounded by greenery outside for the shooting.

We laughed so hard seeing Dave mimicking Iris’s pose!

After understanding Iris’s love in nature, Little Stories and professional decoration set up team Fer a cheval design envisioned a refreshing Bohemian themed photoshoot. So Fer a cheval design filled the interior setting with Bohemian elements like plants, throws, macramé pillows for layering in the room featured with white and oat yellow, which creates a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

The glamorous gown that the bride dresses up in is a design by Netta BenShabu, a Israeli born Couture fashionista raised in the U.S. This delicate wedding dress is covered by intricate lace patterns. The design of the corset fits perfectly into the bride’s body curve, with the bottom dress adding to the lady’s elegance. Netta BenShabu is a couture fashion brand available at The Other Half Bridal, a Hong Kong wedding boutique offering modern and unconventional looks.

The bride’s makeup and hairstyle are designed by Jennifer Ho,  a professional makeup artist named “Best International wedding MUA”. Jennifer makes a natural western-styled makeup for Iris,  highlighting the bride’s healthy skin glows and coral cheek color.

When the couple take off the couture and change back to the modern outfit, they look like a chic couple spending their chill vacation. Iris and Dave believe that lovers should get along in a comfortable way. Their interactions are natural and delighted, imbuing the room with laughter.

Life could be wonderful if you have a soulmate that cares for you and understands your heart. It would be even better if you can enjoy life and share pleasure together.

Happiness is to be discovered in everyday life with your perfect match!

Gown | Netta Ben Shabu from The Other Half Bridal

With | Iris

Photography | Little Stories- The Moment by Amy

Makeup | Jennifer Ho

Decoration | Fer a cheval Design

Studio | Silver Dollar Studio

Text | Rachel


Baby Lukas Turning into 8 Months Old at Minimalistic Home

Baby Lukas has just turned 8 months old! Ruby & Ray celebrated this special day with a baby photoshoot with Little Stories at their minimalistic white home. We are keeping top tooth popping out and Lukas at the crawling stage on record! Let’s scroll the page and see! 

The family is filled with love, calmness, and energy with Lukas. It’s touching to take part and witness the baby’s special moment!

Lukas is now 34 weeks old, the baby boy turned to Ruby’s direction, held his hands out, and uttered, “Mama”! This is probably  one of the best moments in her life as a mommy! We are so glad to see Ruby’s excitement when telling this, as if this was such a precious gift that she could never forget.

Ruby is recording every little progress based on Montessori Education principles – experiential learning with self-directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Check out Baby Lukas’ Instagram @little.yellowmoon that Lukas has made through during his developmental stage: the new movement that he learned, the new food that he got adapted to, and the new words that he could understand. Isn’t it amazing to look back at the pictures of these precious first times?

Ruby shared that she looked forward to reviewing these photos in 10 years, when baby Lukas grows into a little boy. 

Little Stories is so glad to freeze this moment of Luka’s growing up process filled with immense care and understanding of thoughtful parents Ruby and Ray. With love, photography could play the magic trick on time.

We can’t wait to see how the family members evolve with love in 10 years and look at these photographs together, recalling the heartful memories together. 

“Love you!” said by Ruby followed by sweet kisses to adorable Lukas by Ruby and Ray.

Photography & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy

With Ruby, Ray & Baby Lukas (@little.yellowmoon)


Come and Have An Artistic Refreshment!

Be prepared to welcome the lovely sunny days on this impressionism-inspired summer photo series with Grace Chan to bring seasonal elements into JW Marriott Hotel together with Fer a cheval design!

Escaping to the artistic Impressionism World, we want to show you the beautiful modern life filled with classic romance and love!

In this series of photos, we pitch on a warm color combination of ginger, orange and lemon yellow, interspersed with fresh white and green.

If you love Claude Monet’s paintings, you may find the similar complicated layers of warm colours and substantial, bumper groups of fruits here!

Le Panier de Pommes – Claude Monet (1883)
Wheat Field with Cypresses – Vincent van Gogh (1889)

Moreover, we hope the scene where a bright and intense spectacle comes against a sunny weather may remind you of Van Gogh style, and gain the power of hope, energy and vibrancy with the breeze from the surroundings! 

Connecting arts with you from our favourite impressionism artworks, we are delighted to share our art-inspired photo series with you towards the summer!

Welcome to talk to us to personalize photography and design with custom theme on arts, lifestyle, season or anything that inspires you here.

Enjoy the vibrant summer! 🙂

With Grace Chan
Photography | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Art Direction & Styling | Little Stories x Fer a cheval Design
Decoration & Setup | Fer a cheval Design
Outfit | Swank
Text | Vana
At | JW Marriott Hong Kong


White Christmas Playdate

Enjoy Christmas dining with role-play stations and tent ready for you, with education profession background from Amy of Little Stories, set by decoration team HoneyWood Flower Labs, we planned on this idea to bring Scandinavian Christmas to you at comfort, in this light-filled and spacious studio.

Not only coming to for a photoshoot, you can enjoy a festive Christmas spirit with people who matter to you in life, for family, BFF or couples.

In order to keep our works special of all times, we only offer very limited edition of our White Christmas Playdate with our dear clients.

Welcome to talk to us about our White Christmas studio photoshoot on limited edition. Christmas workshops are available as an add-on, by creating a mini Christmas tree, or a lifestyle Christmas wreath with your favourite ornaments, welcome to enquire at for more.

Enjoy this special time in a year with people who matter in life. See you there 🙂

Special thanks to the amazing team behind:
Photography | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Art Direction & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Decoration & Setup | HoneyWood Flower Labs
Denmark Tableware | sourced by Little Little Bean HK
Scandinavian Props | sourced by Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Makeup & Hair Styling | The By Nov
With Pretty Mama Cathy
Studio | Inkuu