Every Moment Shines, Intimate Wedding Under COVID-19

Although the social distancing has blocked so many certain things, what matters for this couple is that they are gonna go through all with their hearts snuggling together so that even through gloomy, pandemic days, every moment shines. 

Located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Marco Polo Hotel provides the new couple with a lovely coastal lawn for the outdoor ceremony and a fine indoor feast at Cucina, an Italian restaurant with romantic Mediterranean style.

The beautiful outdoor harbor offers every guest a comfortable space and a perfect photography backdrop, with fresh air, cozy sunshine, and gentle sea wind. 

Due to the current pandemic situation, Stephanie and Chris’s wedding is simple, but carefully designed so that every guest feels comfortable in the chilled and cozy atmosphere.

An e-invitation sent by RSVP through a personal website has taken place of the traditional printed card in case of any changes in date and venue. A warm photo wall is set in front of the indoor restaurant, on which the photos of the couples, their relatives and friends, ranging from childhood to adulthood, are orderly posted. Some of the newlyweds’ close friends overseas also have sent their hand-written blessings, presented on the photo wall as well.

The bride Stephanie highlighted, “we tried to break some traditions, simplify the programme and rundown, and eliminate extra stress. Thus, we are left with what’s most important for us, an intimate gathering with our closest ones.” 

Photography | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Make up and hair styling artist | Telly Makeup
Florist | The Perfect Piece
Balloon decoration | Tree Tree Deco
Wedding gift | Gifts Thanks Wedding Favors
Wedding dress | Granny Chic Bridal
Wedding suit | Refinery
Text | Vana


Simple Romantic Wedding at Cotton Tree Drive and Murray Hotel

Lucy and Chris’s wedding registration venue finally falls on Cotton Tree Drive, one of the most in-demand historical and romantic sites in Hong Kong. Despite it is under the Covid-19 situation, this lovely couple shows us that the most valuable thing in the wedding is their beautiful love.

With the witness of the historic architectures and woods, Chris steps closer to Lucy. It is a simple, but a delicate ceremony with the newlyweds vowing their commitments and bathing in the scattering pedals.

Next to the cotton tree drive wedding registry is the iconic renovated Murray Hotel. Designed by the British modernist architect Ron Philips in 1969, Murray Hotel is famous for its stylish three-storey arches and large recessed windows, through which the sunlight filters into space.

Later Foster + Partners has redesigned the fabulous architecture, to create a dialogue between the old and new, by reserving the primary classic frame and embracing some modern urbanism elements.

Connecting the building base with Hong Kong Park and the Botanical Garden, the seamless design creates a sound and calm space for the couple to take wedding photos under pandemic conditions, which means they can both keep their distance from the crowds and enjoy the sense of open space. 

The Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry provides an ideal venue for the couple to record their romantic moments.

Lucy loves photographing, so she takes candid photos of her beloved husband with a vintage compact camera. Photographer Amy records the candid shoots behind them and makes some photos in the black-and-white form to create an elegant chic style of classic romance films.

The simplest, the sincerest. Under the COVID-19 situation, we find that the most romantic wedding comes from the genuine love. 

Photography | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy
Makeup and hair styling artist | Ivy Lo Make Up
Florist | Haru Haru Floret
Text | Vana